In general, zombies are typically a product of

  1. a disease that kills a living human and then reanimates the corpse.
  2. a disease without death involved (28 Days Later); what we call ‘rage zombies’.

There are sparse examples of other types, like alien influences, but by and large zombies fall into those first two categories.

I present for your viewing pleasure another of those rarities, a “zombie” caused in this case by our own short-sightedness coupled with a world-wide environmental catastrophe. Very reminiscent of the Leo King title story in the short story collection A Fancy Dinner Party (of which my own The Art of Steaming is a part), the short film Meat Me in Plainville is quite good.

From io9:

Greg Hanson and Casey Regan channel an older B-movie aesthetic for their short horror film Meat Me in Plainville. After all the livestock in America die off, cannibalism becomes legal with unexpected consequences.

Despite being apparently set in the “future” year 1994, Meat Me in Plainville debuted in 2012 at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. It takes its conceit and turns it into something akin to a zombie movie where anyone could be a flesh-craving monster.

  1. Nice! Cannibal mobs! (Thanks for the link to my Halloween zombie post, much appreciated!)

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