“Beginning” Finished, Available Now Everywhere

The third and final book in my zombie apocalypse series, The Dying of the Light: Beginning, is out! Get it here:

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He awoke and, for the first time in almost twenty-five years, remembered who he was…

Twenty years after Z-Day, a handful of survivors are left in massive underground bunkers. It’s finally time to take back the surface… and yet, as always, the worst enemy is not the walkers, but each other. When a new and deadlier Z-Day threatens, will Eden Blake and the other survivors find a way to defeat it—or doom humanity to extinction?

If you’ve already read it, as I’m sure some of you have, please leave a review! Reviews are the single easiest and best way to support indie authors and small press. As to the future of the series, I currently have no plans to add any more full-length books (sorry!), but will be adding on to the short story companion volume The Walker Chronicles from time to time.

New Project: “Steak Tartare”

My current work-in-progress is a completely different type of story, and will be much shorter, I expect.

In 1948, former OSS officer Jackson Grey just wants to run his LA supper club and forget the horrors of WWII. When he wakes up thousands of miles away on Waikiki Beach, having been left for dead with no memory of how he got there, one thing is clear: the past has a way of catching up with you.

Filled with intrigue, action, and mysterious dames, this thriller will follow our anti-hero as he figures out why he’s been brought 2,500 miles from home – and how he can get out of the mess he’s in. Told in the style of a 1940s version of Travis McGee, this will (hopefully) be the first in a long series of “summer/beach” reads that are fun, interesting, and engaging. I’m already planning for books 2 and 3 (Arroz con Pollo, set in Panama, and Beef Wellington, set in London, respectively).

So far, the notes from my critique group are highly promising, with comments such as “a very Maltese Falcon feel to it” – which of course is exactly what I’m going for. Stay tuned here and on Facebook for the latest and greatest on that.

Upcoming Appearances

I’ll be on at least one panel next weekend at Comicpalooza, “Indie Panel: Self Publishing – The Ins and Outs” on Friday at 1pm. I’ll also have a table in Artist’s Alley – #2305, right next to my friend and fellow Gecko Jessica Von Braun. I’m debuting some of the jewelry I make for Rolling Dwarf Studios, but of course I’ll have copies of all my books to sell and sign!

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