The Rising Tide of Bad Self-Published Books

Posted: 21st February 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Publishing
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Yes, I started out as a self-published author. The Dying of the Light: End was, in every single respect, a self-published book. And yes, things were a lot different back in The Beforetime (aka 2011). Of course, since then, I started Grey Gecko Press with some friends, and am officially published in every real sense that matters to me – even if it is a small press.

But, as my friend Ania Ahlborn says, “everyone is a writer now.” Her take on the subject is very well thought-out and somewhat unique, since she, too, started out as a self-published author who now just happens to have a contract with Amazon’s 47 North (among others).

She borrows liberally from a post by author, screenwriter, and game designer Chuck Wendig, who’s a little longer-winded and more meandering on the subject – not to mention NSFW. It’s still well worth a read, and chock-a-block with info on the way things worked, work, and will work.

Do I one day hope to be picked up by a major house? Maybe. I’d be interested in talking to them, at the very least. But it would take one helluva lot of zeroes for me to leave behind the company I built — and all the friends I’ve made — and go ‘pro,’ if such a thing exists. It’s unlikely, at best… but money, and more importantly, the things I could do for myself, my family, and my loved ones with it, has a way of speaking that everything else just lacks.

Anyway, read the blog posts; they’re worth it. Then let me know what you thought in the comments!

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