The Map of Zombies by Jason Thompson

Posted: 29th September 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Art, Zombies
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Seriously, this may be one of the coolest posters I’ve ever seen. I will be framing it for my office as soon as it gets here. I got the PDF too, which is very awesomely annotated and noted by the artist with lots of cool tidbits… and it’s HUGE. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of movies, books, comics, and what have you’s listed on this masterful piece of artwork.

“This map is a must for any zombie aficionado. The detail is impeccable, the artistry awe-inspiring. I used to think I knew a thing or two about zombies, but now I see how much more there is out there for me to discover.” — Alden Bell, author, “The Reapers are the Angels”

For handy reference in the laboratory or in the field, the Map of Zombies categorizes every imaginable type of zombie in a visual format. Drawn in the style of a 24″x36″ (61cm x 91cm) vintage medical chart, shipped in a stout 26″ long (66cm) poster tube, it identifies over 350 different types of zombies from horror movies, books, video games, comics, manga and TV. Whether they’re fast or slow, voodoo-spawned, alien or fungus-infected, friendly or cannibalistic, vulnerable to headshots or only to complete dismemberment, the Map will help you identify the hideously rotten creatures before you. Plus special icons for Romance, Comedy, Animal Zombies, Secondary Apocalypse, Zombires (zombie/vampires) and more!


Not only will this be a great piece of art for me to hang, but it’s also a great reference guide for zombies of all types and kinds.

Sadly, my own books aren’t listed, but I choose to believe it’s because Thompson wanted to give them a poster of their own (but really, he probably just hasn’t read them).


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