"The Dying of the Light: Interval" CoverKBR-Contest-FinalistI may have neglected to mention this for the last 10 days, but my second book, The Dying of the Light: Intervalwas selected as a Top 5 Finalist in the 2013 Best Indie Books of the Year Awards over at The Kindle Book Review.

This is a pretty big deal, since the Suspense/Horror category isn’t exactly a sparse playing field. Of course, that also means I’m going up against some great books, the most famous of which, is, naturally, I, Zombie by one of my favorite authors, Hugh Howey – who I got to meet at WorldCon 2013 this year.

I’m pretty stoked about this accolade, and not only because I get a swagger-ific badge to add to the book everywhere I can think of, but also because the folks over at KBR are very picky, and they know good books. The fact that mine is in the finals with something like Howey’s book means it must be pretty darn good. And that’s awesome, because I worked hard on it, and I think it’s a damned good book, so that validation is nice.

If you haven’t read it yet – and, equally as important, if you haven’t reviewed it – the print edition is currently on sale at Grey Gecko for 25% off, and you get the ebook free. If you liked the first one, I guarantee you’ll like this one. And keep an eye out here for news about book 3, Beginning.

But the best thing you can do? Talk about the book. Share the link (http://bit.ly/Ud3n73) and tell people why you liked it. And know you have my eternal thanks!

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