The Benefit of a Critique Group

Posted: 18th February 2014 by Jason Kristopher in My Work, On Writing, The Craft
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I joined a critique group last month in the hopes of writing faster, even with my limited time. The name of this group is so exceedingly appropriate, I had no choice but to join: Team Armageddon. I kinda skated by with last month’s submissions, using what I’d already written for The Dying of the Light: Beginning.

Not so, this month. This month, it needed to be all-new, minimum 2,000 words, by 11:59pm tonight.

For the record, I wrote 4,657 words yesterday and today. All of Chapter One is finally done, and Chapter Two is just waiting to be started. Good news for all 10 of those folks waiting for book 3, I think. I’m quite hopeful that this impetus and ongoing need to meet deadlines will keep me writing. Your support is, as always, much appreciated!

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