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No, you’re not seeing things. The bar on the left really did change from “Outline Chapters” to “Words” – and the prologue has been written. Because you’ve all waited so patiently for, what, nine months now (good thing I’m not George R. R. Martin!) I thought I’d post it here. Beware, there are spoilers here, […]

I may have neglected to mention this for the last 10 days, but my second book, The Dying of the Light: Interval, was selected as a Top 5 Finalist in the 2013 Best Indie Books of the Year Awards over at The Kindle Book Review. This is a pretty big deal, since the Suspense/Horror category isn’t exactly […]

That’s kind of a misleading post title, really. I mean, the book has always had a plot, in the most generic sense. Like the first book, I knew where the story was going to end, and, since I have the second one complete, I know where the third has to start. But it’s the middle […]

Zombie Audiobook Giveaway!

Posted: 12th August 2013 by Jason Kristopher in Contests
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I’m giving away five copies each of the audiobook versions of The Dying of the Light: End and Outbreak One: Washington Territory.There’s just one catch: you have to review the book(s), either on Audible or, after you listen to them. It doesn’t take much, just twenty-one words. But those twenty-one words are extremely important words for […]

It’s not fully outlined. It’s only partially plotted. Some of the characters have yet to be born, age, or die — and some of them will only exist briefly before falling back into the ether. As the esteemed – if somewhat occasionally long-winded – Robert Jordan wrote so often, “It was not the beginning, but it […]

I have a very strong gut feeling that Snoopy would kick some serious ass in the zompocalypse. For more great art by Justin, please check out his website, Imps and Monsters. He’s supremely talented.