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I love io9. It’s pretty much the perfect site for a geek like me, and has so much content that I could lose myself for days (not that I have…). Occasionally, they post an article about something especially near and dear to my heart, and this is no exception. Read the full article, or check […]

From io9: We live in an era of accelerating change, when scientific and technological advancements are arriving rapidly. As a result, we are developing a new language to describe our civilization as it evolves. Here are 20 terms and concepts that you’ll need to navigate our future. Back in 2007 I put together a list of […]

10 Things That Every Brand New Creator of Science Fiction Should Know

Posted: 6th March 2014 by Jason Kristopher in The Craft
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From io9: Being a science fiction creator is the most amazing adventure — you get to invent whole new worlds, brand new futures, and fantastic technologies, and you get to tell the most incredible stories about them. But it’s also a tough and heartbreaking career path, whether you’re in books, comics, movies or television. Here […]

From iO9: Six experts talk about what bugs them about alien planets in science fiction.

Write Some Science Fiction for i09… in Only Six Words

Posted: 3rd February 2014 by Jason Kristopher in On Writing
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iO9 is asking readers to contribute six-word sci-fi stories once more. Hop on over to their page and check out some fascinating story gems from folks around the world!

From iO9 (read the original article here or click the link at the bottom): Describing stuff can be the hardest part of writing prose fiction. You have a scene in your head, with all the dialogue and action, but now you have to fill in what everything looks like. There’s nothing more boring to write, or read, […]

What’s In Your Workspace?

Posted: 16th September 2013 by Jason Kristopher in Authors
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io9 had a rather interesting article back in June that I just found out about today, called Famous Scifi And Fantasy Authors In Their Workspaces. Here’s one of Isaac Asimov with his typewriter – which, as one commenter pointed out, is, in fact, a Selectric II, not a Selectric I. Why the distinction was important, you’ll have […]