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Based on his own successful attempt by a friend and fellow author, I decided to challenge myself to write every day in March (and yes, I know it’s the end of May). My goal was to write a minimum of 500 words per day, just to see if I could do it. Good, bad, awful, […]

From A man learns a painful and valuable lesson… one finger at a time. An old couple bickers over disgusting leftovers. Kids go ignored when they tell their parents about the horrors that lurk in their bedrooms, until it’s too late… LESSONS AND OTHER MORBID DRABBLES is a collection of 25 100-word shorts that range […]

Write Some Science Fiction for i09… in Only Six Words

Posted: 3rd February 2014 by Jason Kristopher in On Writing
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iO9 is asking readers to contribute six-word sci-fi stories once more. Hop on over to their page and check out some fascinating story gems from folks around the world!