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The first short story from my upcoming fantasy series, Wave, Wind and Blade is now available in audiobook editions! Read by the talented Andrew McFerrin, you can find this audiobook at the following links: iTunes  Audible Amazon Here’s the description: Marko has never sailed before, being a street urchin from the Bakrasahni capital city of Mynea. […]

Even More New Audiobooks!

Posted: 23rd September 2013 by Jason Kristopher in My Work
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As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the staff over at my favorite audio production company, Falcon Sound Company, and my favorite narrator, Andy McFerrin, have been supremely busy, and have knocked out four new audiobooks for all my fans to listen to. Click the links below each pic for the Audible versions. Get the […]

Another Zombie Audiobook Giveaway!

Posted: 5th September 2013 by Jason Kristopher in Contests
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Just like last time, I’m giving away five free copies of the audiobook version of one of my titles: The Dying of the Light: Interval. There’s just one catch: you have to review the book, either on Audible or, after you listen to them.It doesn’t take much, just twenty-one words. But those twenty-one words are extremely […]

“It’s alive!” Or, rather, it’s dead. Whatever. The point is that the audiobook version of my second novel, The Dying of the Light: Interval, is now available. Click below to buy it. I had a great time working with John over at Falcon Sound Company to make this audiobook a reality, and with Andrew McFerrin, the narrator. Andy did […]

UPDATE: Amazon no longer requires 21 words. You can leave a two-word review, if you want (one for the headline and one for the review). They made it even easier, folks. To leave a review on — and, let’s face it, that’s where it’ll have the most impact — requires nothing more than 4 clicks […]