Poll: What I Wrote on my Summer Vacation

Posted: 5th July 2013 by Jason Kristopher in My Work
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I’m going on my first real vacation in several years in a couple weeks, and won’t have access to most of the tools I need to do the detailed work I usually do. I’ll pretty much just have a laptop and basic software like OpenOffice and my favorite writing program, Scrivener.

While I plan to catch up on lots of blogs both here and over at Modern-day Hitchhiker, I was also considering doing some writing on more involved projects, such as the ones on the poll below. I’m just not sure what I want to work on. Though I know many — if not most — of my fans, to say nothing of my fellow Geckos, would like me to finish The Dying of the Light, so that is likely what I’ll be writing. But I thought I’d do something fun and leave it up to my fans and readers.

See the descriptions of the titles you’re unfamiliar with after the jump.

The Dying of the Light: Beginning     (Book 3)

It’s been nearly twenty years since the world ended, and humanity — what remains of it — is ready to take back the surface from the walkers. Of course, it’s not quite that easy. Eden Blake thought she was ready; after all, she’d been trained her whole life to lead her people back into the sun. But between the bunker full of horrors, the madman wanting to take over what remains, the few remaining shreds of the former government, and the walkers, themselves, Eden Blake will find her life has become much complicated than she expected.

The Dying of the Light: The Walker Chronicles      (Book 4)

Nazis experiment on walkers outside Belzec, Poland. A strange bite causes fear and terror on a United States nuclear submarine hundreds of feet below the waves. A church mission in Mobile, Alabama comes under attack from the horde, and prayer alone can’t save them. These and other stories are told in this collection of short stories set in the world of The Dying of the Light.

Law Forged      (Titan’s Children #1)

The Old Kingdom is no more. 200 years after The Fall, the five city-states of Bakrasah still fight and squabble over its remnants. The only bridge across the wide and deadly Sah is the river-town of Drakesbridge, a safe haven and meeting ground for many from the cities. But dark things stir, and danger threatens the relative peace that has been built. With the enigmatic being known only as Lord Law threatening to seize control, will the free peoples of Drakesbridge be annihilated, or will they find a way to stand against the forces of evil?

Under a Cloud-covered Moon      (Lloyd Monroe #1)

Irascible, mean, and anti-social, Lloyd Monroe has been a detective with the Seattle PD Metahuman Crimes Unit for 15 years, and has been a cop even longer before The Awakening. Now, he gets to track down and lock up furballs, fangs, and all manner of mutant human monstrosities. It’s not pretty, but it’s his job. When he’s bitten and infected by a mutant virus, things take a turn for the even worse for our not-so-friendly Mr. Monroe.

  1. Ania Ahlborn says:

    Shouldn’t you finish book three BEFORE starting book four? This only seems logical…

    Also, how in the hell do you manage to work on more than one project at a time? Doesn’t that screw with your Chi? I can’t do it. Characters from one project would bleed into others, and suddenly I’d have two or three books with the same people in it, just with different names.

    You’re a crazy person. ;P

    • Well, book 4 isn’t technically a sequel, it’s more an add-on, a companion volume, if you will. It’s the deleted scenes from the novels, basically. So I could write that at the same time or even before I finish Beginning.

      As to the others, I’ve had them in my head – and that’s just two of the many that are up there, for so long it’s all pretty well differentiated. Of course, I don’t write a whole book in 7 weeks, either.

      And I think we’re both a little bit wacko, otherwise we wouldn’t love doing what we do so much. 😀

  2. paulgross19 says:

    Jason, do you not know what a vacation is?? o.O ONLY non-work/job related activities. Anything eles and it’s a “working vacation” 😛 …Relax, chill and drink rum drinks man, you more than deserve it 🙂

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