Walker Chronicles, The [Cover, Kindle]It’s always been my intention to release The Walker Chronicles in a both a digital and print collection. I’ve always envisioned them as the ‘deleted scenes’ from the books — stories that are worthwhile and interesting, but didn’t really fit in the main books. Either they slowed the pacing down, or felt like they were shoehorned in, or for some other reason got cut… just like you see during editing of films.

So far, Grey Gecko Press and I have been releasing the titles individually, selling them for $1 a piece, occasionally giving them away free for a promotion or two. Now, I’m proud to say we’re trying something else, in addition to continuing the individual releases.

When you buy this collected edition, which will be on sale for a limited time for $1.99, you’ll get a ‘lifetime subscription’ to updates for this volume. What does this mean? Exactly what it says on the tin: You buy the ebook once, and you get any new editions, including as many new stories as we release, absolutely free.

That’s pretty simple. No catches, no ifs, ands, or buts. One price, permanent updates.

What’s included in this edition? In chronological order, you get (at the moment) 4 stories:

  • Outbreak One: Washington Territory
  • The Coldest Winter
  • Blood and Sand
  • Whatever Happened to Thomas J. Reynolds?

At the moment, I’ve jotted down notes for 12 more ‘Walker Chronicles,’ so you’ll be getting a heckuva deal when you pick up your copy. When you buy the book directly through Grey Gecko Press, you’ll be automatically added to the updates list, and will get your new edition every time a new story is published sent to your email.

And yes, a print edition will be coming along at some point. We’ve decided to wait until we have enough stories to print to make the print edition economical — most likely 12 or more stories. Those die-hard fans who purchase the ebook early on will get a discount code for the print edition when it comes out, too. Don’t say I never gave ya nothin’!

What do you think about this way of selling stories? Like it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments!

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