My Short Stories

By Jason Kristopher

UPDATE (7/18): These stories are no longer available for sale (except the ones included in The Walker Chronicles). I’m currently revising them and plan to release all in a collection at some point in the future.


Wave, Wind, and Blade


The Last Ginger
Outbreak One: Washington Territory
Whatever Happened to Thomas J. Reynolds?
The Coldest Winter

Science Fiction

A Drop of Rain
Island’s End


The Coldest Winter      [back to top]

5,100 words.

During the cold Polish winter of 1942, and under orders from the OSS, an elite group of soldiers investigated a secret auxiliary compound of the Belzec Extermination Camp. What these members of Unit 73 — later known as AEGIS — found there was nothing short of horrifying. Josef Mengele’s experiments were merely the beginning…

The Coldest Winter is a supplemental short story. Read more about AEGIS, the walkers, and the zombie apocalypse in The Dying of the Light: End and it’s sequel, Interval.

A Drop of Rain      [back to top]

2,400 words, written in the style of Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles. Includes an excerpt of Aristeia: Revolutionary Right.

Our planet is dying; we have to leave. There is another nearby world, ready to receive us, but the Governor placates the people with lies and threatens them with arrest or execution instead of acting to save our species. I have a plan, and it will take all I have and more to see it through. I hope I am strong enough.

Island’s End      [back to top]

1,700 words.

Adrastos and his loving wife Maya have ruled the island for a millenia, but now their civilization is coming to an end. All that is left to do is leave a message for future generations, other as yet undeveloped peoples, to find someday eons hence.

The Last Ginger      [back to top]

1,500 words. Includes an excerpt of The Dying of the Light: End.

He is tall, dangerous, and the last of his kind, hunted and persecuted throughout their long, bloody and sordid history. The Board has convened, and requested his presence in an effort to eliminate—literally—their competition. He isn’t what they’re expecting, however, and before they know it, the tables are turning.

Outbreak One: Washington Territory      [back to top]

4,800 words. Includes an excerpt of The Dying of the Light: End.

In the winter of 1872, Captain William Trace and his men were ordered to investigate a series of unexplained attacks on local citizens in the remote villages of the wild and untamed Washington Territory. What Captain Trace found was pure nightmare fuel, and what had started as a simple reconnaissance mission had become something far, far more.

For Captain Trace, the winter of 1872 was about survival, not just of the body, but of the mind. For who could look at monsters such as these and not come away… changed?

Wave, Wind, and Blade      [back to top]

2,900 words. Includes an excerpt of The Dying of the Light: End.

Marko has never sailed before, being a street urchin from the Bakrasahni capital city of Mynea. During his first voyage on the Sea of Tears, he discovers his captain is famous, and may be more than he seems. Unfortunately, evil has found them, and Marko may not make it home again. Such is the life of a cabin boy aboard the HMS Titan’s Hand.

Whatever Happened to Thomas J. Reynolds?      [back to top]

5,800 words. Includes an excerpt of The Dying of the Light: End.

In the final days of the zombie apocalypse, Tom Reynolds led a group of AEGIS soldiers – 8th team – on what was supposed to be a relatively easy assignment. Things didn’t go as planned. When rescue arrived hours later, the only thing they found were tattered scraps of uniforms and empty shell casings.

Reynolds and the entire 8th team were listed as KIA. This is their story.

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