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By Jason Kristopher

The Dying of the Light

The zombie apocalypse isn’t coming… it’s already here.
"The Dying of the Light: End" Cover

I didn’t see Rebecca die the second time.

The United States military hides a secret: the completely real existence of one-bite-and-you’re-dead zombies. An elite Special Forces unit has known they exist for over a hundred years, and has been quietly and expertly keeping the monsters at bay… until now.

The sole survivor of the massacre at Fall Creek joins this elite unit to combat the single greatest threat our world has ever known. Even as victories over the walkers mount, true evil still lurks in the hearts of men, and at the last, only a brave few may survive.

A character-driven story similar to The Walking Dead on AMC, The Dying of the Light: End was a Top 5 Finalist in Kindle Book Review’s “Best Indie Books of 2012” competition. The sequel, Interval, was a Top 5 Finalist in 2013.

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"The Dying of the Light: Interval" Cover
Interval      [back to top]

Becoming a zombie was much more painful than he had expected.

The world has ended, and the few who are left struggle to survive. They had hoped that the worst thing they would have to deal with in this new world would be the walkers, come to rip and devour. They were wrong. There are worse things than zombies.

Those once thought safely sheltered in massive bunkers are under ceaseless attack, have gone dark—or worse. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, marooned on the desert ice of Antarctica, a dwindling group of scientists fend off starvation. David Blake and the remnants of the US military launch a desperate rescue mission to bring them back; among them, the one scientist who has the knowledge that could save the human race.

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"The Dying of the Light: Beginning" - Cover
Beginning      [back to top]

Enjoy the triumphant finale of the series that’s been called the “best since World War Z!”

He awoke and, for the first time in almost twenty-five years, remembered who he was.

Twenty years after Z-Day, a handful of survivors are left in massive underground bunkers. It’s finally time to take back the surface… and yet, as always, the worst enemy is not the walkers, but each other. When a new and deadlier Z-Day threatens, will Eden Blake and the other survivors find a way to defeat it—or doom humanity to extinction?

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Cover_Collection, Release Schedule
The Walker Chronicles      [back to top]

Get all of The Walker Chronicles in one ebook with this collection!

In the best-selling zombie series The Dying of the Light, author Jason Kristopher showed us that the zombie apocalypse isn’t coming — it’s already here, and we’re losing… and have been for more than 140 years.

In this collection of supplemental short stories, Kristopher takes the reader on a behind-the-scenes journey into the rest of the world he’s created in the main series. From the first known zombie incursion (Outbreak One: Washington Territory), to Nazi-created monstrosities (The Coldest Winter), through the 1981 Libyan Crisis (Blood and Sand) to the story of what befell one of our favorite characters (Whatever Happened to Thomas J. Reynolds?).

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  1. JULIE says:

    These books are great. Thank you. I’m confused though. Not an unusual state for me, however, Amazon lists your series as Book 1, Book 2 and Book 4. What happened to Book 3?

    • Hi Julie!

      The confusion is that the fourth volume in the series, The Walker Chronicles, is actually a ‘companion’ book of short stories, similar to the deleted scenes from movies.

      The third book isn’t finished yet, but I’m hoping for a New Year’s release, just like Interval. Thanks for reading, and please consider leaving a review – it’s the best way to support indie authors like me and small press publishers like Grey Gecko.

    • I should also note that while The Walker Chronicles only contains four stories at the moment, it will be continually updated with new stories as they’re released. Anyone who’s downloaded a previous version will receive the updated version free through a link in the book.

  2. Claudia says:

    Is Beginning ever coming out? Enjoyed the 1st book, but have put off buying the 2nd one until I knew the 3rd book would be available.

    • Hi Claudia!

      Beginning is definitely coming out, it’s just taking longer to write than I’d hoped. Real life and paying bills has gotten in the way with my day job being very busy, plus running my own company and… well, you get the idea. The book is about 50% done now, and I expect to release it this spring. Please hang on just a little longer! 😀

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