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Posted: 4th September 2013 by Jason Kristopher in My Work
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I gave the final production green light this morning to the fine folks over at Falcon Sound Company for the audiobook versions of several of my short stories, including these:

These will all be available within about 2-3 weeks on Audible, iTunes, and Of course, all the ebooks are available now. You can find the first audiobook version of a Walker Chronicles short here: Outbreak One: Washington Territory. The second short from this series, Whatever Happened to Thomas J. Reynolds?, is in production and will be released soon.

I’ve been very, very lucky to be able to work with the amazingly talented Andrew McFerrin on several projects through Falcon now, with the editing help of John Bricker. Andy is a very versatile artist, and has brought life to all of my characters, giving them the voices I heard in my head while writing the books and stories. In addition to the shorts above, please check out his work on my second book, The Dying of the Light: Interval on Audible (click here for the iTunes version, instead), with special attention to one of the best character voices I’ve ever heard in an audiobook, that of the amoral and terrifying Driebach.

Andy and Falcon are also starting the production of my good friend George Wright Padgett’s Spindown, which I absolutely cannot wait to listen to, since it’s one of my Top 5 Science Fiction books of all time. I’ll be doing a spotlight post on it – and all the other Grey Gecko Press books – in my new weekly series starting soon.

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