Meet Lloyd Monroe, Seattle PD

Posted: 1st June 2013 by Jason Kristopher in Story Excerpt
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So, first post. Always a toughie. Do I introduce myself, try to be witty, what? The hell with all that. If you’re here, you like my writing, so I’m going to give you some of it that you haven’t seen yet.

It’s the least I can do.

So meet Detective Lloyd Monroe, of the Seattle PD Metahuman Crimes Unit. He’s not a nice guy. But you knew that, didn’t you?

My name is Lloyd Monroe. I’m a detective with the Seattle PD. And I am not a happy man.

Although, strictly speaking, I’m not a man at all, at least at the moment. Which was most of the problem. The rest of it was sitting in my passenger seat.

“Look, Carla,” I said, trying to avoid looking at her spectacular, and spectacularly nude, legs in the moonlight. “One of the furballs bit me. They’re infectious. I need the damn antidote. It’s that simple.”

“But Lloyd, baby, there’s so much more available to you now,” she purred. Literally. “Just think of all the fun we could have!”

I didn’t have to think about it at all; I could see what she meant as she started to clamber over the center console. I could see everything. Sighing with repressed longing, I pulled her close, eliciting a delightfully girly squeal, which swiftly turned to outrage as I snagged the door handle and dumped her on her naked ass on the cold, wet street. Her sudden intake of breath and gasp at the cold had no impact on me whatsoever.

“I asked you for help, Carla, not a high-school make-out session. Can you tell me where to find the furball I need, or not?”

She hissed at me, her fangs showing clearly in the streetlight. “Screw you, Monroe.”

“I thought that was the idea, Carla. Fine. Have a nice night,” I said, putting the car into gear and starting to drive away. I’d only made it a few feet when I heard her yell. She came sauntering up to the car, seeming to care nothing for the fact that she was completely nude.

“Can I have my coat?” she asked, and I could see she was starting to shiver.

I coughed when I realized I’d been staring, and answered a little rougher than usual. “Give me a location first.”

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