Character Profile: Detective Lloyd Monroe

Posted: 27th July 2013 by Jason Kristopher in My Work
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While I’m on vacation, I’m getting some writing done – or at least trying to. Today was the first time I had a chance to sit down and actually work, and it went well, even though I was working on behind-the-scenes stuff. 1,100 words later, I’ve got a pretty in-depth character profile for Detective Lloyd Monroe, the anti-hero from my upcoming novel Under a Cloud-Covered Moon.

Take a look at some choice bits of his profile below and let me know what you think. I didn’t include everything, naturally – even an ass like Lloyd needs his secrets!

Detective Lloyd James Monroe

Physical Description:

Lloyd is of medium height, about 5’8”. He has dark auburn hair, with more than a little grey starting to creep in. No facial hair, and a skinny face, with slightly sunken cheeks, giving him a somewhat morbid appearance. He’s in reasonably decent shape for his age, only slightly pudgy around the middle from too many donuts. No one would go so far as to call him good-looking, but he’s not ugly, although he does have a scar near one eye that he got during a fight with a furball hopped up on PCP.


He’s acerbic to an astonishing degree. Very much the anti-hero, he says what we’re all thinking, and doesn’t give a damn what anyone else thinks of him. Most people think he’s an asshole – and they’re right. He just doesn’t see the point in being “nicey-nice” all the time, preferring to be what he calls “honest” with anyone and everyone he meets. He has a dark sense of humor, often seeing a humorous side to things others find horrible or tragic. He’s unapologetic for this, too.

External Conflicts:

Lloyd has conflicts with virtually everyone he meets. He’s not a very nice person, and though he rubs many people the wrong way – especially his lieutenant, of course – he gets the job done. His success rate is the only thing keeping him in his job, though, with everyone breathing down his LT’s back to “get rid of the mean bastard.” The LT, for her part, defends him, citing his arrest and solved case records, but mainly just likes to have him around to be the department whipping boy. He knows this is why she defends him, and doesn’t care at all.

His work for the MCU occasionally brings him into conflict – and once or twice, a shooting match – with several “Humans First” hate groups, including one that is classed as a terrorist organization by Homeland Security. He prefers to keep a low profile when not working because of this, going out of his way to make sure no one knows where he lives. He’s been targeted before by these groups, and has had to replace several vehicles due to their actions. His LT has asked him to partner with someone – ANYONE – to avoid a knife in the back, but he can’t bring himself to trust anyone. Not that it matters, since anyone who rides with him for more than a few hours immediately requests a transfer, as they’re not able to deal with his personality. He finds this terribly amusing.

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