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In general, zombies are typically a product of a disease that kills a living human and then reanimates the corpse. a disease without death involved (28 Days Later); what we call ‘rage zombies’. There are sparse examples of other types, like alien influences, but by and large zombies fall into those first two categories. I […]

Zombie-Proof Airless Tires

Posted: 14th August 2013 by Jason Kristopher in Zombies

My Next Vehicle Upgrade   Wikipedia has some interesting information on these (of course). What sort of equipment and/or vehicle are you planning to get before the proverbial fecal matter impacts the proverbial rotary air impeller?

I have a very strong gut feeling that Snoopy would kick some serious ass in the zompocalypse. For more great art by Justin,¬†please check out his website,¬†Imps and Monsters. He’s supremely talented.