Apollocon 2014 Schedule of Appearances / Panels

Posted: 16th June 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Events
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I’ve been invited as a guest author to Apollocon 2014 here in Houston, and I’m very excited. Not only am I on several panels, I’ll also be doing a reading as well as an autograph session.

Apollocon is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror convention that’s been running since 2004 – that makes the con a full decade old! I’m particularly excited to be involved with this con because it’s more of a literary/writers con rather than a pop culture con that also happens to have a literary track for panels and guests. If you haven’t already gotten your membership yet, you can do that here.

TheManWhoFoldedHimselfD855_f Speaking of, guests this year include David Gerrold, who has written some of the best science fiction I and many others have ever read. I’m particularly interested in getting his autograph on a couple books in my collection. I thought The Man Who Folded Himself was absolute genius, and apparently a lot of other folks did, too.

Along with me will be other authors from Grey Gecko Press, including George Wright Padgett, H. C. H. Ritz & Leo King, as well as a former writing group colleague and now famous author, Carrie Patel. Check out her upcoming novel, The Buried Life.

Apollocon 2014 Appearance Schedule

Apollocon 2014 Schedule

Whew… Five panels, an autograph session, and a reading! I’m going to be one tired writer!

Here’s a question for my fans: I’ve never done an actual reading of my work before. Do you have any suggestions as to which piece/pieces I should perform?

I hope to see you all at some point during the weekend, if you’re in attendance. Make sure to stop by my autograph session, stop me in the hallway to chat, or snag me after a panel. I love talking to my fans!

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