It’s not fully outlined. It’s only partially plotted. Some of the characters have yet to be born, age, or die — and some of them will only exist briefly before falling back into the ether. As the esteemed – if somewhat occasionally long-winded – Robert Jordan wrote so often, “It was not the beginning, but it was a beginning.”

The third and final book of The Dying of the Light has been started…

“He awoke slowly, and for the first time in nearly twenty-five years, remembered who he was.”

Who is he? Why can’t he remember? Where has he been for 25 years?

Find out the answers to these questions, along with all your others, in the finale, Beginning, due out this winter from Grey Gecko Press.

Speaking of questions, let me know in the comments what loose ends or unexplored plot points you’d like to see covered in Beginning. Who knows? Maybe your idea will make it in (and yes, you’ll receive a credit). In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peek of the full cover…

"The Dying of the Light: Beginning" - Cover

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