Inspiration comes from many places, and leads to different things. This short work was inspired by the song in the video below, “Le Tue Parole” by Andrea Bocelli, and was written while I was working a shift at The Great Indoors (no, that’s not a typo). I recommend you start the video and then read the text. It is, at its core, a multimedia bit of writing, and the music sets the tone for the writing in a way just reading it can’t do. Enjoy!

Memory of a Sunset

The sunset is filled with color – reds, oranges, and striking yellows. You can almost hear the world breathe a collective sigh as another day of life draws to a close. The sun is low and languid in the sky, its rays spreading like liquid gold over the fields and trees, retreating from the encroaching night.

The trees blow gently in the gentle wind, their branches singing a whisper-song of peace and tranquility. The evening breeze brings with it the scent of flowers and freshness, the feel of a pleasant day pleasantly passed.

The soft strains of the classical and light jazz music drift out of the living room, a place of serenity and light, decorated sparsely with warm colors and comfortable furniture. The music lends a soothing soundtrack to the close of the day. Streaming off the clean lines of the home, the light plays on the open-air architecture and drifts down to reflect gently off the river below before surrendering to the zephyr.

The warm wood on the patio baluster glows in the evening light, contrasting well with the dark grey slate tile. The breeze moves into the house, unobstructed by windows or doors, flowing like the river below through the dining room, with its dark cherry table, large enough to seat eight easily. The wind flirts with the fresh-cut-flowers centerpiece and wafts past the scenic murals on the walls.

Moving into the kitchen, the smell of warm bread and bubbling sauces joins the enticing aromas of herbs and spices, combining to quicken the palate of any connoisseur. The copper pans glint with refracted light onto the marble and granite countertops and the oak cabinets.

A young couple keeps time to the music, dancing slowly on the patio and gazing at the low hills in the distance. She laughs as he surprises her with a dip, and the music of her soul rides upon the wind.

The breeze moves on, leaving for another peaceful place, taking with it a small piece of this one; the memory of a sunset.

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