A New Year Brings New Challenges

Posted: 28th February 2017 by Jason Kristopher in Everything Else
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Waaay back in June, I posted my most recent update, letting my readers know about the availability of Beginning, the third and final volume in my zombie trilogy The Dying of the Light. In my opinion, it’s my best work to date and has been well-received by readers of the first two. Plus my mom. Which is always nice. If you’ve read the book, please please please please review it anywhere you can. Here’s a handy link if that helps: http://smarturl.it/review-beginning

In that same post, I talked briefly about the project I was working on at the time, Steak Tartare: A Supper Club Novel. Here’s the synopsis:

In 1948, former OSS officer Jackson Grey just wants to run his LA supper club and forget the horrors of WWII. When he wakes up thousands of miles away on Waikiki Beach, having been left for dead with no memory of how he got there, one thing is clear: the past has a way of catching up with you.

I completed this novella at a much-shorter-than-average 42,000 words or so, and while it initially garnered much acclaim from my critique group, a trusted group of my fellow authors, it did not carry that acclaim through to the end. To wit, there was not much rejoicing. I still plan to go back and ‘fix’ it, but not for awhile. It took most of a year to write, even at such a low word count, and I need some space. Those of you who are writers or hang around writers know this is not unusual.

So, while I have stuck to my self-imposed quota of one book a year, it’s on to a new and different project for 2017! The question is… what will that project be? As I write this, I’m looking over what I call my Fiction Development Matrix – the list of my ideas for new projects – and it has 134 ideas. Most of them will never see the light of day, but it’s still a little daunting when trying to figure out what to write next.

Will it be the near-future sci-fi dystopian story, set post Cheeto-POTUS? Or the middle-grade teddy bear story? Perhaps I’ll start the long-discussed Fallen Kingdom series [epic fantasy], or the steampunk Industrial Revolution, or the pseudo-western that follows a clan from 18th-century Texas through to the far future? What about the urban fantasy set in a world where vampires and other monsters are real but are in no way magical or supernatural? Lloyd Monroe could probably use some more time ‘under the pen,’ as it were.

Whatever I come up with, I’ll share it here. I won’t promise to blog more because that’s a fool’s errand. But I will promise that, when I have something, I’ll share it with you, my loyal and ill-treated fans. Thanks, as always, for your kindness, your reviews, and your support!

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