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4 Stars: “Spellbound” by J. K. Barber

Posted: 30th June 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Books
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Spellbound is about the adventures of two young people, twin sisters who have known community and family their entire lives. Along the way, they befriend a mysterious stranger who has been alone for as long as he can remember. After strange events touch all their lives, the three find themselves drawn together and then embroiled […]

Max Barry: Fifteen Ways to Write a Novel

Posted: 28th June 2014 by Jason Kristopher in On Writing, The Craft
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Writing a novel is, as Barry says, hard. Also, “If there were a single method of writing great books, we’d all be doing it.” Amen, hallelujah. Barry’s managed to compile a great list of ways that have worked for some. Personally, I find a word target (#1) helps, and having a no-holds-barred critique group demanding […]

From A man learns a painful and valuable lesson… one finger at a time. An old couple bickers over disgusting leftovers. Kids go ignored when they tell their parents about the horrors that lurk in their bedrooms, until it’s too late… LESSONS AND OTHER MORBID DRABBLES is a collection of 25 100-word shorts that range […]

Why I Don’t Generally Offer to Review Books

Posted: 25th June 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Books
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There are few books I will actively work to read and review. The reason for this is simple: I have a backlog that I already don’t have time to read (that would be the box you see below). Mervidia, by my very good friends Jay & Katie Barber, is one of the ones I can’t wait to […]

From the NY Times: Richard Matheson, whose novels, short stories, screenplays and teleplays drew the blueprints for dozens of science fiction and horror movies and television shows, died on Sunday at his home in Calabasas, Calif. He was 87. I’ve been a fan of I Am Legend and Matheson in general for many, many years, and I […]

I love io9. It’s pretty much the perfect site for a geek like me, and has so much content that I could lose myself for days (not that I have…). Occasionally, they post an article about something especially near and dear to my heart, and this is no exception. Read the full article, or check […]

From On Writing is both a textbook for writers and a memoir of Stephen’s life and will, thus, appeal even to those who are not aspiring writers. If you’ve always wondered what led Steve to become a writer and how he came to be the success he is today, this will answer those questions. This […]

I Thought I Might Open a Bookstore…

Posted: 20th June 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Everything Else
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…until I read a post by jlasthre from Salon that is sadly no longer available. Fortunately, thanks to the fine folks over at The Wayback Machine, I was able to find the text, reposted in its entirety. 25 Things I learned From Opening a Bookstore 1.  People are getting rid of bookshelves.  Treat the money […]

News on My Amtrak Residency Application

Posted: 19th June 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Everything Else
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As some or many of you may remember, I applied earlier this year to be a part of Amtrak’s “Writer Residency” program. Finalists (of which there are apparently only 24) are provided with fully-paid accomadations on a selected route on one of their lines, and are expected to write/tweet/blog about their journey. Obviously, this is […]

My ‘New Release’ Mailing List

Posted: 18th June 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Everything Else
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I hate spam. I’m guessing so do you. But I know that most folks can’t be bothered to check or read my blog every day or every time I post something new… which will, on occasion, be about new releases. So I’ve created a ‘New Release’ mailing list. Here’s the skinny: No spam. Just new […]