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What would you do, if you were a robot that had outlived its creators, its intended purpose, and even the rest of the world? This super-sad short film does an amazing amount of storytelling in just under 7 minutes, all without any dialogue. It’s heartwrenching, making you feel for the poor protagonist, but it’s well […]

It’s always been my intention to release The Walker Chronicles in a both a digital and print collection. I’ve always envisioned them as the ‘deleted scenes’ from the books — stories that are worthwhile and interesting, but didn’t really fit in the main books. Either they slowed the pacing down, or felt like they were shoehorned […]

10 Things Every Writer Needs

Posted: 27th March 2014 by Jason Kristopher in On Writing, The Craft

Everybody needs a toolbox, and while the sort of writer you are will determine exactly what you need in yours, this list can hopefully give you some ideas that can help you be a successful author. It’s a good list, filled with useful stuff to have. Read the full post for the list.

In August of 1981, the United States Navy sent two aircraft carriers, the USS Forrestal and USS Nimitz, to run exercises off the coast of Libya. Commander John Barker, pilot of an American jet, was shot down over the Gulf of Sidra.

Rescued by a fishing trawler and given refuge in a small fishing village, Barker’s nightmare was just beginning… for death lingers long in the desert, and now it was coming for them all.

From io9: We live in an era of accelerating change, when scientific and technological advancements are arriving rapidly. As a result, we are developing a new language to describe our civilization as it evolves. Here are 20 terms and concepts that you’ll need to navigate our future. Back in 2007 I put together a list of […]

Annnnnnd This is Why I Don’t Watch Horror Movies…

Posted: 13th March 2014 by Jason Kristopher in Quotations
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… which is weird, I know, given the content of my books. Whatever. Tickld ran a post yesterday that had some creepy kid sayings. I don’t usually read these, but for some reason I did today. I may never sleep again. Here’s #3, the one that creeped me out the most. “Go back to sleep, […]

10 Things That Every Brand New Creator of Science Fiction Should Know

Posted: 6th March 2014 by Jason Kristopher in The Craft
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From io9: Being a science fiction creator is the most amazing adventure — you get to invent whole new worlds, brand new futures, and fantastic technologies, and you get to tell the most incredible stories about them. But it’s also a tough and heartbreaking career path, whether you’re in books, comics, movies or television. Here […]