This partial list is from a post of the same title on Tom Basson’s blog; my comments, however, are my own.

2. Don’t check your email first thing in the morning.

I’m not sure I could do that. As the owner of a company, as well as being a Content Developer for a major computer manufacturer, I have emails come in at all hours of the day (and night). What if I get something at 3 am that needs to be answered first thing?

3. Start your day with exercise

Yeah, no. I start my day with coffee and/or tea, or my day doesn’t start. I hate mornings enough – why make them even more hellish?

4. Recovery day

This, I can get behind. One day a week off from everything – rest and refuel. Very good advice.

12. Stop watching TV

I haven’t had cable/satellite service in nearly 3 years now, and I don’t miss it. Whatever shows I want to watch I can get online, so what’s the point in paying for the rest that I don’t want? Now if we could just get HBO to let people who don’t have service sign up for HBO GO…


So what are your ways to simplify your life?

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